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Credibility is one of the most important assets for an online business. However, maintaining a reputation is not always easy because competitors may use dishonest methods and spread negative reviews. Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM) from will improve your brand image and ensure the promotion of positive content to the top of search results.

What Is Search Engine Reputation Management?

SERM is a special practice of enhancing the online presence of positive content about a company and weakening the negative one. Search Engine Reputation Management services include numerous techniques to achieve this goal:


  • Monitoring positive and negative reviews to quickly respond to all comments;
  • Creation and distribution of positive content about the company, optimized for search engines;
  • Intensive link building;
  • More active communication with customers through social networks, and much more.


How Important Is Search Engine Reputation Management?

The company’s reputation is one of the key factors that influence purchasing decisions. The days when users trusted any company with an online presence are long gone. Consumers know that scam sites are hunting for their personal information and money. Therefore, checking a business’ reputation based on reviews on networks often precedes a purchase. And if they see encouraging information in search results on the first pages, they make a choice in favor of a purchase.

Search Engine Reputation Management is especially important for companies operating in the high-risk industry. It is characterized by high customer churn and negative reviews on the Internet.

What Are the Main Ways You Can Improve Search Engine Reputation Management?

To make your company SERM strategy effective, consider search engine reputation management tips:


  • Don’t ignore your customers’ online comments but respond to them to show that you care about your clients.
  • Grow your social media presence beyond just the top two or three leading ones.
  • Create more positive content about the company and publish it on donor websites.
  • Write reviews of your products or services and post them on authoritative Internet platforms.


Pros and Cons


  • Protecting your brand’s reputation from dishonest competitors and disappointed consumers;
  • Strengthening brand awareness by promoting positive information in search results;
  • Effective crisis management and improving relationships with consumers;
  • Gaining a competitive advantage and increasing sales.


  • The need for constant monitoring of social networks and review platforms;
  • Spending much time neutralizing negative comments and reviews.


Our Services

Effective Search Engine Reputation Management requires a comprehensive strategy that takes into account not only search engine ranking algorithms but also consumer interests. Our specialists work simultaneously in many areas:


  • Researching keywords to integrate them into the content of positive reviews about the company;
  • Technical website optimization for search engines;
  • Creation, SEO optimization, and promotion of positive content about the company;
  • Competent link-building strategy to increase the website’s reputation among search engines and access to a wide user audience.


Our approach to search engine reputation management (SERM) is innovative and professional. We conduct fundamental Internet research to measure the existing reputation and develop a unique reputation improvement strategy for each case. With our help, you will earn the trust of consumers and strengthen your business.