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Companies that release applications to the market in various industries are faced with a real challenge. SEO practices are becoming insufficient for their promotion in the app stores. They use other ranking algorithms, although they overlap in some ways with Google ratings. To increase organic app downloads, you will need app store optimization (ASO). Andflint specialists are fluent in the ASO SEO techniques of increasing apps’ reputation and will help you advance in search results. Thanks to this, you will easily attract your target audience and expand your customer base.

What Is App Store Optimization (ASO)?

ASO is an effective practice for increasing the discoverability of applications in app stores. This is done by optimizing the listing page of your app for greater visibility. As a result, you get more downloads and installations of your application and more users. SEO ASO are similar practices that have much in common but, at the same time, differ in details, which are extremely important for effective app promotion.

How Important Is ASO?

Only a monopolist in a niche can succeed without ASO and SEO. However, companies operating in a high-risk industry are under severe pressure from competitors. Therefore, moving up in the search results of the app stores is one of the most optimal ways to get ahead of your competitors. Users, in most cases, choose the first app that suits their needs. And if your application ranks higher than your competitors’ apps in search results, you’ve already won.

What Are the Main Ways You Can Improve ASO?

There are many ASO SEO tools that you can use for creative app store marketing. But for an application promotion strategy to be complete, it must include the following techniques: The app name and description must contain keywords; The app must be accompanied by high-quality visuals, including interface screenshots; Respect regional markets by localizing your app for languages and currencies; Increase the number of reviews of your application on the Internet; Implement an effective link-building strategy to reach the widest possible target audience.

Pros and Cons


  • Increased visibility for the target audience and faster market penetration;
  • Growth in organic app downloads and installations;
  • Competitive advantage relative to those companies that do not conduct ASO for their apps.

Most popular app stores, such as the Google Play Store and the App Store, have different, although overlapping, ranking algorithms. Therefore, you will have to carry out SEO and ASO optimization of your application for each of these app stores separately.

Our Services

Our ASO specialists will develop an effective app store marketing plan for your project, including the following effective ASO SEO techniques: Keyword research and creating keyword-rich app descriptions; Creating and posting reviews on the Internet that positively evaluate your application; Carrying out an effective link-building strategy by placing backlinks on relevant sites. SEO and ASO optimization will help you get the effect you expected when developing your application and even more. Our specialists will guide you through all stages of an effective SEO ASO strategy to achieve maximum results.