Our Working Process at
Whatever line of business in the high-risk industry you represent, our task is to make your website more discoverable for searchers. This means that its ranking must be increased until it appears on the first page of Google search results. We approach the realization of this task after a comprehensive study of the niche, competitors, keywords, and other important guidelines in developing the right SEO strategy. The full cycle of our work on your project includes the following 4 stages.

1. Preliminary Stage: Understanding the Task and Scope of Work

2. Research Stage: Formation of Project Architecture

To achieve our goal and bring you to the top of search results, we need to conduct analytical work and implement organizational and technical tasks:

3. Main Stage: High-Quality Content Creation and Posting

This stage is the longest as it includes the implementation of all planned tasks:

4. Final Stage: Monitoring and Evaluation

After the SEO strategy has been implemented, we closely monitor changes in key indicators, such as traffic, search engine rankings, lead generation, etc. Based on these quantitative data, we evaluate the effectiveness of the SEO strategy and make adjustments if necessary.


Cooperation with SEO agencies will be long-term and fruitful. The most visible results of the work will appear only six months after the implementation of the promotional campaign. It is then that you will be able to fully experience the positive effect of the SEO strategy.
Throughout the entire period of collaboration on the project, we are sensitive to all your suggestions and comments and can make adjustments to the already approved plan. When the goal of SEO is achieved and your site ranks higher on SERPs and receives more organic traffic, the project is considered complete.