Learn About &Flint: Your Partner in High-Risk SEO Success

Working in the high-risk marketing sector is like navigating a ship through a narrow channel but with a lot of pitfalls. Only experienced captains will guide you smoothly without catching any of them. &Flint has been in the high-risk marketing business since 2012 and knows the most effective ways to increase traffic for your website.

Our Journey to the High-Risk Industries Sphere

The history of &Flint is connected with the rapid growth of online gambling and the need to promote iGaming websites under strict regulations. The search for an effective solution to this challenge prompted the company’s founders, Alexander Flint and Irina Iliasi, to create &Flint company. Its mission is to accumulate, develop, and innovate the effective practices of promoting the high-risk business sector.

What We Achieved in 12 Years

  • Over the past years, we have gained experience in implementing multiple marketing projects in the high-risk sector and have expanded our activities to such areas as fintech, dating, gambling, betting, politics, and much more.
  • We have rallied an excellent team of more than 50 professionals in various fields, including SEO, ASO, IT, marketing, business, journalism, etc.
  • Our affiliate network includes 1,312 websites, which facilitates fast and effective link building and increasing traffic flow.
  • We are present in 43 locations, which makes it easier to interact with clients from around the world.
  • We have expanded the range of services offered by adding to SEO such effective marketing approaches as ASO & SERM and multiple digital marketing tools.

Leverage the Potential of Your Business with &Flint

  • We offer an integrated approach to promoting high-risk websites, giving tangible, quick, and sustainable long-term results.
  • We are at the forefront of all new digital marketing solutions and are among the first to introduce them into our practice.
  • We take into account all controllable and uncontrollable risks.
  • We offer an exceptionally positive customer experience, and our founders personally interact with customers and manage their accounts.
  • You will gain valuable credibility with your target audience and search engines, increase your online presence and traffic, and easily enter global markets.