SEO for Crypto and Fintech

Crypto SEO solves the task of generating traffic to the websites of fintech and crypto companies. Improving your website's ranking in search engines significantly increases organic traffic and boosts your business project. Andflint crypto SEO agency provides a full cycle of work to promote your crypto and fintech platform on the Internet and guarantees impressive results.

What Is Crypto and Fintech SEO?

SEO for crypto and fintech enhances the online visibility of your website in an increasingly competitive environment. The market for crypto and fintech services has exploded in recent years. High competition leaves virtually no chance to get noticed by the audience for those websites that ignore search engine ranking algorithms.
SEO crypto helps optimize the platform’s web pages so that search engines consider them useful for searchers and trustworthy. In this case, they will display them at the top of SERP, and you will receive a significant increase in organic traffic and lead generation.

How Does Crypto and Fintech SEO Differ from Traditional SEO?

Traditional SEO professionals operate within an established landscape where it is easy to predict results and follow proven algorithms. SEO for fintech offers many challenges for professionals:


  • The cryptocurrency market is rapidly developing, and with it, the digital landscape is changing.
  • Government authorities, which previously did not notice the development of crypto, have been actively intervening in the regulation of this market in recent years.
  • Requirements for information resources that post links to websites of crypto and fintech companies are also changing.

That is why the implementation of projects for SEO crypto businesses requires special ingenuity and skill.

Challenges in the World of Crypto and Fintech SEO

Crypto and fintech companies belong to high-risk industries, and therefore, the realization of some steps in a fintech SEO promotional campaign demands more creativity:


  • There are certain restrictions on placing links to websites of high-risk companies.
  • Donor sites readily provide their platforms for guest posting as part of traditional SEO. However, many of them refuse to place backlinks on companies in high-risk industries.
  • The crypto market is rapidly evolving, and keywords are changing along with it. Therefore, crypto SEO services must periodically re-research and update keywords.

Our Services

Our fintech SEO agency offers clients an integrated approach to the development and implementation of a promotional campaign for their website. A complete and effective SEO strategy includes the following tasks:


  • Keyword research to match website content to the words searchers use when formulating a search request;
  • Optimizing content for search engines and website visitors;
  • Link building to increase website ranking and reach a wider target audience;
  • Technical optimization of the site to solve problems with indexing, functionality, etc.

Andflint SEO fintech services are based on thorough analytics, the latest SEO trends, and innovative solutions. We are constantly developing, responding to the challenges of the time and the high-risk industry. That’s why our approaches work so well for the crypto and fintech market, which is also in constant development.